Over the past 40 years or so, I've toyed with the prospects of writing a book or maybe two. Although I found that school, life and making a living seem to take a great deal of time. Still, there was just something about the written word that interested me. Prowling the stacks of the downtown library as a kid was a special treat. Working at the university library while in college seemed more than just a job. Dark and dusty used book stores carried a real fascination for me and I found myself drawn to them in my travels — picking up an obscure volume or two in the process.
     Recently I began reviewing some of the material that I had written and saved over the years. While living in the foothills of Central California, I found some lost bits of time. Time to think and time to write. Writing and researching and re-writing and re-writing... the stories formed and became real. My first book, Long Shadows was the result. My skills from the world of graphic design provided an easy transition into the world of the 'self-published author'. I've continued my quest, tilting at windmills all the while, and have produced a few additional books.
     Perhaps something I have written will intrigue you enough to 'crack the spine' a bit. I've certainly enjoyed writing them. Let me know what you think.

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Long Shadows - Front Cover
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Long Shadows — Introduction
“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” — Albert Einstein
     Why write a story that is filled with historic elements? This particular tale took me on a journey with living characters waiting to have their stories unraveled. It grew and evolved well beyond its initial research. In our own time, we deal with huge events, earth shattering revelations, profound truths and discoveries. We should not feel so unique. Those living in other times experienced similar astonishments. Our present is both past and future as we struggle to find our place in time. History casts long shadows.Many of the characters in this novel really existed and rubbed shoulders with individuals that literally changed the world. From frontier towns to cities with modern conveniences, our self can be found in their lives— their mistakes and their triumphs.I have glossed over much. The Sherman Silver Act, the Gold Standard, the Pullman Strike, and the Panic of 1893 are little more than plot line. In our rush forward, we can easily forget that they were real events— events that shaped our world every bit as much as modern wars over commerce, land, or riches. Participants in all historic times leave their stories in dusty books, faded photos and in bundles of old letters and telegrams.Producing this historic adventure tale was quite different than most of my earlier work. A poem, a short story, a quiet remembrance of a lost family member... they all had a place in a series of ‘now’ moments. Those types of experiences always required revision— an improvement on a story. A nondestructive edit if you will, providing a re-shaping of that prior event.  As writers, words are easily re-arranged on the page and I find that reality and fiction seem to co-exist. After a while my fictional characters became real to me and, indeed, they interacted quite nicely with their ‘honest’ historical entities. They fit easily into the timeframe of history. I even felt a loss as I, reluctantly, killed off a few of my players. Have no fear— our current timeline has survived my manipulations.
$12.95  [ 346 pages with BW illustrations ] Available on Amazon   https://www.amazon.com/dp/1482634732

Limited Visibility — Introduction
Begin at the beginning... and go on till you come to the end: then stop
— Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

     A common man caught in an uncommon situation seems a compelling starting point for any intrigue. The story titled Limited Visibility revolves around a travel writer named Robert Simmons. He has just finished his last assignment for the season and he’s in need of some rest. On the flight home, an attractive woman loans him a book of mystery stories. When he attempts to return her book, Simmons arrives at her hotel to find her suite swarming with police... and the woman, nowhere to be found. After being questioned by two Seattle Homicide Detectives the following day, Simmons decides to play detective and attempts to make sense of a few clues that had been left behind by the missing woman. The mystery only deepens when— but, perhaps you would like to discover the story for yourself? I hope you enjoy his little conundrum. I began outlining Limited Visibility following some surgery for a detached retina that left me face down for six weeks. Plenty of time to think. The title and section heads came out of the experience. After recovery, thanks in great measure to my wife, Sandy— who put up with my bouts of frustration— I began the research. Hopefully the characters and locations found in the tale will prove entertaining. It was certainly fun to discover the people and places that, as always, became real to me as I wrote about them.
$9.95  [ 154 pages with BW illustrations ] Available on Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1500898538

Retrograde Amnesia — Introduction
     Occasionally in your travels, you may encounter a fellow drifter and every one of them has a story. Living on the road sometimes makes hearing the beginning, middle and end of a fellow’s tale a bit difficult. In April 1999, I was returning to Southern California from a long cross-country trip. With the sun setting and after seven hours on the Interstate, I decided to drop down to Calexico on the 111 to get some rest and something to eat. I met Peter Higgins that evening sitting on a bench outside a Truck Stop in Calexico, California. Over coffee and a piece of apple pie, and later breakfast, he told me his tale. Higgins possessed a journal of sorts and referred to it during our lengthy conversation as we talked throughout the night. He appeared mildly disoriented at times as he related his strange tale; but his story was so intriguing that I was willing to forego sleep. By the light of morning, I offered him a ride to the interstate. When he got out, he handed me his leather bound journal, telling me to “keep it safe”. Slinging his backpack over his shoulder he stood along the road as he prepared to hitch a ride north. That was the last I saw him. Lately I’ve had a little extra time, so I decided to try to piece his tale together into a narrative that may prove of interest to some. By plowing through his journal, I found some odd notes and drawings stuck between the pages, and by looking at a map or two, I’ve been able to put together some of Higgins’ story about his days adrift. His tale is unusual, to say the least. Although he swore his story to be true, it may possibility be concocted from a vivid imagination. Peter Higgins describes his travels through an environment in turmoil and a society controlled by government induced chaos. But, the thing that I find so astonishing about his account is that it takes place 30 years in the future.
$9.95  [ 190 pages with BW illustrations ] Available on Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1725545764
Don't Fear The Rewrite — Introduction
     Although the concept of writing some kind of a book has been in my mind for a time, (I have actually been writing this one for many years) the reality is daunting. The belief that anyone, other than one’s self, could have any real interest in reading what another person thinks, is pretty self-serving and ego-centric. But never-the-less, the words just come. Images continue to appear and the black blood of type drops onto the paper. Forgive the indulgence. This book is really a collection of items that have grown through the years; beginning in my ‘school years’ and continuing through the present (although, for this book, they are not necessarily presented in chronological order). One of the things I noticed over time, was that my style changed. My feelings and expressions seemed to evolve. My self-righteous and indignant youth (so mis-spent) has actually mellowed over the course of years. Hopefully my style has tightened and improved as well. As I reviewed some of the early writings, I found things that I thought should be changed— at times resulting in an improvement. Other passages seemed perfectly fine as written, or perhaps they are just awaiting a future act of inspiration, delusion, or modification. Making a word change here or there, moving a line, dumping a clumsy word or phrase... they have all resulted in revisions or clarifications of my ideas. In one of those moments, the title for this book of poems, short stories and expressions presented itself.  You will find the gamut of thought in the next few pages and hopefully you can find something you will like. Some speak of the frustrations normal to growing up, some of lost loves, or other earth shattering events. The language is at times soft and at others, a little rough. The stories are simple and the thoughts, occasionally, profound... or perhaps simply nonsense. You are free to judge. I hope you enjoy what you take away. In writing, as in life... Don’t Fear The Rewrite!
$9.95  [ 100 pages BW ]  Available on Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1494930633
Fair Days and Carnival Nights
An Account of my travels with “The All Alaskan Racing Pigs” Summer 1990
Author’s Note:
     I attempted to keep my journal up to date the best I could, but with the long hours, driving and travel conditions, there are, I am sure, some tremendous holes. Many interesting events have been left out inadvertently and too many uninspired events have been included... such seems to be the problem with all journals. Mine is no different in that respect. There are maps included to show the basic areas in which various fairs are located, and after I purchased a camera, there are photographs which chronicle a few of the events. My sincere apologies for the lack of quality in many of the photos. Some of them may be of interest and I tried to insert them into the text at appropriate times. In looking them over, I find that much that should have been preserved wasn't recorded by the camera. The sounds and smells of travel can never be captured in a photograph, and the incredible scenery in Alaska, California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Nevada remain to be experienced first hand.
$14.95  [ 94 pages Color Photos and Maps ]  Available on Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1494462125

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