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     What makes for good design?  Giving an answer is perhaps ambitious or foolhardy. Design is, by its nature, always changing – a little like putting your hand into a moving stream of water – the position of the water is always changing, always moving. Ideas, trends, colors and techniques all evolve.
     Each client is different and their design needs vary.  Graphic designers help to bring rough ideas into focus and into the physical world of print, web, photo, or illustration.  2BIT STUDIO is primarily involved with print, photos and illustrations. 
   2BIT STUDIO actually sprung from the lexicon of the computer age. A "bit" being the smallest unit of measurement in the computer universe.  (although the "old timers" believe 2BIT means inexpensive— we can live with that). After years of working with transfer type, paste-up and careful film separations, the computer and desktop publishing have opened design options for all of us that have made life, paradoxically, both easier and harder at the same time.  Impossible revisions and expensive techniques are now just a mouse click away in some people's minds. In this environment of short deadlines and "instant" design,  many people have come to see a lack of design as the "new" world of design.  Nothing is further from the truth.

   Good design must engage.  With society speeding up, the impression must be solid, recognizable, immediate and informational.  If the ad or design is unreadable or not understandable – no matter how clever or colorful – it fails to make the cut. Good designs can always be updated with simple changes to stay current. A badly designed "identity" requires constant revision and is never really satisfying or effective.

Quality design at a reasonable price. Although the client is always the final arbiter, we strive to provide quality design work that satisfies current requirements while anticipating future need. Effectiveness is ultimately dictated in the marketplace over time. We feel that good design is your best salesman.


     All design work is preformed on the Macintosh platform using a wide variety of software.  Our page layout preference is still Quark and we tend to gravitate to Illustrator CS and Photoshop for illustration and image manipulation. We understand the necessity for cross-platform capability and we will submit files in easily readable file formats for you and your printer. Original digital photography is captured using the Canon EOS 5D and Canon lenses.
     Files are presented for review as .pdf files or other formats upon request. High resolution .pdf files that can be delivered to your printer via CD/DVD disk or by FTP.  We also have industry partners for all your printing requirements and your print order will be shipped directly to you.  In the event that your project is on-going, i.e. magazine work, we can help you find a large web or sheet-fed printer to meet your needs.


     Our team of terrific artists can produce original images for your projects.  We can produce clean line-art, duo-tone, or full color artwork in various formats and with various licensing options available.


      You can review some of our design work by clicking on the "work samples" link below. Our work tends to be for the most part reasonably clean, well balanced… readable.  We like a simple, honest look, and believe that the look needs to assist in selling the product, concept, or service — and not compete or confuse.
     2BIT STUDIO works in the area of printed material because we love books and magazines and printed ad work... something tangible… something you can hold and revisit.
     If we can be of service to you, or if you have questions about our design work, please feel free to contact us. 


Greg Porterfield

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